1. Between which years did you sing in Rods?

2. What was your ‘debut’ concert with the Choir?
I think it was in Durham (summer 1998). I was 16 years old and remember being very nervous surrounded by the likes of MUCH older singers such as Andy Staples and Leo Hussain.. where are they now?! It was a great experience though.

3. What stands out as a particularly memorable concert for you, and why?
I remember the performance of B minor Mass in St. John’s, Smith Square on 6th January 2000, partly because it was the first concert I did this millennium but mostly because of the OAE’s amazing playing. It was one of the first concerts I ever did with a professional orchestra and I was completely blown away. I also remember performing James MacMillan’s stunning motet, ‘Christus Vincit’ in Douai Abbey. I still count it as one of the most beautiful choral pieces I have ever heard.

4. Which particular upward (!) path did your studies/career take following your time in Rods?
Singing in Rods was excellent preparation for my time in St. John’s College Choir, Cambridge. After university, I carried on my studies with David Lowe (whom I first met participating in Eton Choral Courses) at the Royal Academy of Music, London. During my years in London, I was a BBC New Generation Artist, performing recitals in Wigmore Hall and in many other venues across UK. I moved to Germany in 2011 and am currently a member of the solo ensemble at Oper Stuttgart.

5. What’s your favourite Rodolfus Choir recording (presumably one you’re in)?
I wasn’t in it as it was a bit before my time but the Francis Grier CD is bloody good.

6. What other activities do you like to do outside your musical life?
I know it sounds more like a dirty habit but is ‘tweeting’ a hobby?! I also like to cycle through Stuttgart and the surrounding hills on my beautiful vintage, steel framed road bike, a 1998 Colnago Master Olympic.

Any other questions you would like to have been asked?
Q1) What is the highest note you’ve ever heard David Lowe sing?
A1) A somewhat robust, some would say baritonal (in the Domingo sense) high F.
Q2) Did you record it?
A2) Sadly, no.