Parry : Songs of Farewell


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La belle dame sans merci & other partsongs

Artist: The Rodolfus Choir
Conductor: Ralph Allwood
Label: Herald (Released: July 1997)





1. My soul, there is a country
2. I know my soul hath power
3. Never weather-beaten sail
4. There is an old belief
5. At the round earth’s imagined corners
6. Lord, let me know mine end
7. There rolls the deep
8. If I had but two little wings
9. Love is a sickness
10. Tell me, O love
11. Phillis
12. How sweet the answer
13. What voice of gladness
14. My delight and thy delight
15. La belle dame sans merci
16. Sorrow and Pain
17. Music, when soft voices die

Parry’s final-period unaccompanied choral works culminate in the noble splendour of the Songs of Farewell. This youthful, bright, yet touchingly grave offering is boldly sung and resonantly recorded.
Anthony Payne, BBC Music Magazine

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