Gottwald Choral Arrangements


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Orchestral works arranged by Clytus Gottwald
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Artist: The Rodolfus Choir
Conductor: Ralph Allwood
Label: Signum (Released: July 2007)

Choral director, composer and musicologist, Clytus Gottwald turns his attention to complex and masterly choral arrangements of works from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Works by European composers including Wagner, Mahler, Debussy and Webern are arranged in up to sixteen parts.

Disc 1
1. Die zwei blauen Augen – Gustav Mahler
2. Soupir – Maurice Ravel
3. Des pas sur la neige – Claude Debussy
Zwei Studien zu Tristan & Isolde – Richard Wagner
4. Im Treibhaus
5. Traume
Vier Liede – Hugo Wolf
6. Und willist du deinen Liebsten sterben sehen
7. Das verlaßene Mägdlein
8. Auf ein altes Bild
9. Der Gärtner
10. Les angelus – Claude Debussy

Disc 2
Vier frühe Lieder – Anton Webern

11. Tief von fern
12. Heiter
13. Der Tod
14. Sommerabend
Pieces from Sieben frühe Lieder – Alban Berg
15. Die Nachtigall
16. Im zimmer
17. Traumgerkrönt
Trois Fragments du Miror du Jésus – André Caplet
18. Présentation
19. Agonie au Jardin
20. Résurrection
21. Oh! mi babbino carino – Giacomo Puccini
22. Soupir – Claude Debussy
23. Ich bin der Welt abhanded gekommen – Gustav Mahler

Gottwald's awesome technical demands put much of this music way beyond the scope of most choirs, and it is greatly to Ralph Allwood's credit that the Rodolfus Choir, most of whom are students and all of whom are under 25, have not only tackled this music at all but have done so with considerable distinction … there is a collective enthusiasm for the music and for art of choral singing … They clearly relish the vocal harmonics in Ravel's Soupir, they love the bell effects in Debussy's Les Angélus, they positively luxuriate in the warm glow of Gottwald's take on O mio babbino caro and they float around with enormous enthusiasm in the misty textures of Caplet's Présentation. Gramophone Awards 2007

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