Bach : Mass in B Minor


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Choral Works and Part-Songs by Edward Elgar

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Artist: The Rodolfus Choir
Orchestra: Southern Sinfonia
Director: Ralph Allwood
Soprano: Sophie Bevan
Countertenor: Clint van der Linde
Tenor: Ben Johnson
Baritone: Hakan Vramsmo
Baritone: Colin Campbell
Label: Signum (Released: October 2010)

More Information
The Rodolfus Choir bring one of Bach’s greatest works to life. The choir are renowned for their interpretation of works by Bach and have performed his music to great acclaim across the UK. Following a live broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and performance at Holy Trinity Guildford at the end of 2009, this disc, recorded in the chapel of Charterhouse School, promises to be an essential part of any Bach lover’s CD library.

Full Track Listing - Mass in B minor for soloists, chorus & orchestra, BWV 232 J.S. Bach

1.  Kyrie Eleison
2.  Christe Eleison
3.  Kyrie Eleison
4.  Gloria in excelsis
5.  Et in terra pax
6.  Laudamus te
7.  Gratias agimus tibi
8.  Domine deus
9.  Qui tollis peccata mundi

10. Qui sedes ad dexteram patris
11. Credo in unum deum
12. Patrem Omnipotentem
13. Et in unum dominum
14. Et incarnatus est
15. Crucifixus
16. Et resurrexit
17. Et in spiritum sanctum
18. Confiteor
19. Et exspecto resurrectionem

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