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19th-century Romantic German partsongs & motets

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Artist: The Rodolfus Choir
Conductor: Ralph Allwood
Conductor: Ben Parry
Label: Herald (Released: December 2002)

The German Romantic a cappella choral repertoire is perhaps less well known than its symphonic counterpart, but is nevertheless a vital thread in the cultural fabric of its time. As this recording demonstrates, there was hardly a significant composer who did not contribute to it, whether they are now otherwise known for their operas (Weber, Wagner), songs (Wolf), or symphonies (Bruckner); or whether they were exponents of ‘absolute’ music (Brahms and Reger) or ‘programme’ music (Strauss).

1. Abendlied – Josef Rheinberger
2. Warum ist das Licht gegeben – Johannes Brahms
Sechs Sprüche, Op. 79 – Felix Mendelssohn
3. Weihnachten (Christmas)
4. Am Neujahrstage (New Year’s Day)
5. Am Himmelfahrstage (Ascension Day)
6. In der Passionszeit (Passiontide)
7. Im Advent (Advent)
8. Am Charfreitage (Whitsunday)
9. Christus factus est – Anton Bruckner
10. Ave Maria – Anto Bruckner
11. Geistliches Lied (Organ: Tom Winpenny) – Johannes Brahms

Drei sechsstimme Chöre, Op. 39 – Max Reger
12. Schweigen (Silence)
13. Abendlied (Evening Song)
14. Frühlingsblick (Springtime)
15. An Webers Grabe – Richard Wagner

Sechs geistliche Lieder – Hugo Wolf
16. Aufblick (Looking Upwards)
17. Einklang (Harmony)
18. Resignation (Resignation)
19. Letzte Bitte (Last Prayer)
20. Ergebung (Submission)
21. Erhebung (Exaltation)
22. Der Abend (Directed by Ben Parry)

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