1. Between which years did you sing in Rods?
I believe it was between 1990 and 1994.

2. What was your ‘debut’ concert with the Choir?
I’m not sure which was my first concert, but the first thing I did for Rods was the recording of Francis Grier’s Ascension Sequence in Leominster Priory. It was a wonderful week. I couldn’t believe my luck, getting to sing that amazing music with my lovely and talented friends.

3. What stands out as a particularly memorable concert for you, and why?
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, singing the quartet in John Taverner’s Annunciation up in the tower with no safety rail. I’ve suffered from vertigo ever since. Thanks for that Rods!

4. Which particular upward (!) path did your studies/career take following your time in Rods?
I did a music degree at Manchester and then post-grad singing for a couple of years at Trinity College of Music. Since then I’ve enjoyed a varied career – recent highlights include the title role in Sally Beamish’s new opera Hagar in the Wilderness, Handel Dixit Dominus for Harry Christophers in Sydney Opera House, Bach Lutheran Mass in G for Richard Tognetti and Australian Chamber Orchestra and being the onstage singer for Rambert’s new ballet Labyrinth of Love (being lifted around the stage by 14 beautiful dancers in, shall we say, minimalist costumes – that was one tough gig!).

5. What’s your favourite Rodolfus Choir recording (presumably one you’re in)?
All of them! The Grier discs are wonderful. I haven’t had the chance to sing much of his music since my time in Rods and I really miss it. The Bax and Villette disc is brilliant too. Mater Ora Filium – what a great piece.

6. What other activities do you like to do outside your musical life?
When I’m not singing, my life is completely dedicated to my gorgeous (and rather cheeky!) five year old daughter.